U.S Space and Rocket Center

U.S Space and Rocket Center

Welcome to the U.S Space and Rocket Center, or USSRC, the largest space flight museum in the entire world!

This Smithsonian affiliate museum has seen over 17 million visitors since first opening ot the public in 1970, sharing with its eager guests over 1500 items representing our relationship with space and space travel. This museum actually serves as the official visitor center for the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

Inside you will see such iconic items as America's very first satellite Explorer, the new space vehicle the Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser, and so much more! Head to the Large Rocket and Space Hardware Collection or historic Shuttle Park to see all the big residents here, such as the Saturn V. You should also save plenty of time to visit the Atrium, the Davidson Center, and the Science on Orbit Recreation center. There is also an onsite National Geographic Theater as well as special space simulators like the Moon Shot and G-Force. Here are some of the most notable items you will see:

Notable Artifacts

National Historic Landmark Saturn V Moon Rocket
Pathfinder – the world’s only full-stack space shuttle display
Apollo 16 Command Module
Skylab Orbital Workshop
Apollo 12 Moon Rock

Groups will have various public tour options, and school students will have the chance to attend Space Camp if their stay is long enough. There is Space Camp for ages 9-11, Space Academy for 12-14, and Advanced Space Academy for 15-18. There are also team building exercises such as the Area 51 Challenge Course and Team Rocket Building.

If you are a part of a school group click the educational resources link below to get a jump start on your space camp learning adventure!

Educational Resources 

Note** There is an onsite eatery, Mars Grill, serving up salads, soups, burgers, and the like if you plan on spending the entire day here.

Check out the Marshall Space Flight Center Bus Tour option for more NASA themed adventure!