U Street

U Street

 ‘The part of the city that never sleeps’ awaits you next, as you and your group head to Northwest Washington D.C and explore one of the most culturally and history-filled neighborhoods, U Street. This 9-block stretch of commercial and residential district holds countless shops, eateries, clubs, art galleries, and music venues, this very spot once the heart of black culture in America. Within these streets you will find ‘unparalleled music and nightlife scenes’, not to mention several unique boutiques, authentic cuisine, and so true_reformer_buildingmuch jazz!

This neighborhood was actually the birthplace of local hero and jazz legend, Duke Ellington, so be sure to stop by the Howard Theatre and pay homage to the statue dedicated to him and his impact on music today. The jazz scene is both underground and above within this district, with so many nationally and internationally acclaimed bands and DJs, singers and instrumentalists.

Outside of the jazz scene, you will find unique food, from soul food to authentic Italian. One of the most popular spots around here is Ben’s Chili Bowl, famous for their smoked sausage, as well as the section is known as Little Ethiopia. If you happen to be here on a Saturday you are going to want to get here early and head to U and 14th Street to see all the local ag features at the Farmers Market, an even more intricate, and fun, way to get to know the local culture. As far as shopping in general goes, you and your group will get a much-needed bout of retail therapy, as well as a caffeine kick, as most of the streets are lined with various clothing, decor, and record stores, as well as numerous different coffee shops.

14th Street is now a major thoroughfare in Washington, DC USA

14th and U at night