US Air Force Academy

night-89606_1280Welcome to one of the top tourist attractions in Colorado Springs, the U.S. Air Force Academy. Created in 1954, this complex serves as a military organization and university all in one with a purpose of training the country’s future airmen. The idea came from Airpower leaders, who were interested in creating a school focusing on the art of war in the air. The grounds here are spectacular, as you will see as you enter the North Gate, the visitor gate and entrance into the academy. Be sure you bring along at least one form of government issued ID, it will be necessary at the gate upon arrival. On the campus you will quickly see the 10th Air Base wing which provides logistical, medical, fire response, security, civil engineering, family care, and medial support for the community of 25,000 staying here at any given time.  


Inside the Barry Goldwater U.S. Air Force Academy Visitor Center, named for a former Arizona governor, your group will find a wealth of information on the academy's history, as well as current cadet life. This impressive 36,000 square foot facility houses exhibits, a snack bar, and a gift shop, as well as access to a nature trail leading to the Cadet Chapel, the architecturally astounding complex your eyes will surely spot in an instant. In this visitor center you can view a movie about the cadets and aircraft experience in the theater, or stroll among the many exhibits featuring such things as the important four pillars of excellence and personal academy info such as the current superintendent, commanding officer, and other staff through both video and static displays! This stop is one educational and culturally relevant information journey that your group won’t easily forget!