USS Razorback

The USS Razorback is arguably the longest-serving submarine still in existence today, serving two different countries for over 53 years! The Razorback had its keel laid in 1943, launched and commissioned in 1944. This submarine is a Balao-class submarine of the Sand Lance variant, built first in the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. During its peak usage the Razorback saw five combat patrols in WWII in which it sunk Japanese vessels, captured POWs, and rescued American pilots from enemy forces. After WWII it served as one of the only twelve submarines present in the Tokyo Bay surrender signing.

submarine-582364_1280While visiting this submarine within the Inland Maritime Museum your group will learn more about its surveillance patrols in Russian ports in the Cold War, its Korean War involvement, Vietnam help, and even its decommissioning in 1952 that led to its existence here and in the GUPPY program. Every weekend tours on the boat are available to tell its war stories, show its living and captain's quarters, and share top secret info and history. You will learn so many different interesting facts about this ship and the largest single-day launch of U.S. submarines ever, so be prepared! In 2016 you can even prepare for this stop by watching the full length documentary called "Greyhound of the Sea": USS Razorback!