Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

...To the brave members of the U.S. Armed Forces who fought in the Vietnam War and were killed or missing in action.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial sits just north of the Lincoln Memorial on DC's National Mall. This 2-acre memorial space chronologically lists the names of the 58,000 Americans who gave their lives in service of their country during the 1954-1975 conflict.

While here remember to be respectful of all other visitors, as this can be an emotional experience for guests. You can use the catalogs toward the entrance of the memorial to locate a specific name on the wall while here. The wall itself is actually 2 identical walls that stretch 246 feet. The wall has a reflective surface, allowing you to see both your own reflection and the engraved names, this experience allowing you to reflect on both the past and the present.

Aside from the wall, there are also two more components to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, one being the 'Three Servicemen Statue', consisting of 3 7-foot bronze soldiers, and the 'Vietnam Women's Memorial', a 15-foot tall statue dedicated to the 265,000 women who served some part in the war.

Check to see if there are any scheduled ranger or volunteer educational programs while here!