Waikiki Aquarium

The second oldest public aquarium in the U.S., the Waikiki Aquarium stands out for its habitats combining the natural Hawaiian surroundings with animal enclosures, making for beautiful exhibits and a lovely attraction for your group to enjoy. On the shores of beautiful Waikiki Beach, the Waikiki Aquarium is a prominent leader in marine conservation. Focusing on Pacific marine life, the aquarium is home to a population of endangered Hawaiian monk seals, threatened green sea turtles, and a number of other species threatened by human development. The aquarium is also a leader in sustainability and in utilizing the natural environment into exhibit enclosures.

Over 300,000 people enjoy the aquarium's exhibits and educational programs every year and is a popular destination for school groups. Find among the enclosures more than 490 species of marine plants and animals including an abundant coral reef community and exhibits on the cohabitation of plants and animals in the Pacific Ocean.

The outdoor Hawaiian Monk Seal Habitat harbors this endangered species, found only in Hawaii, raising awareness and education for the public while protecting the seals. Other exhibits include Edge of the Reef, an outdoor exhibit that recreates the types of habitats you might find in Hawaii, and the South Pacific Marine Communities exhibits which houses over 4,000 species of exotic fish. See a fantastic and colorful array of Pacific native fish like the strange looking frogfish, lovely Moorish idol, or the neon parrotfish.