Waimea Canyon

Otherwise known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Canyon is the indulgent beauty of Kauai island with deep crevasses draped in rainbows of flora, canyon reaches and ravines colored like vibrant emeralds, deep rubies, and all under the cerulean sky.

The canyon itself is geological evidence of ancient lava flows and fault collapse, dating back to the early beginnings of the island. Waimea Canyon is unique in that it was not caused by erosion but by a catastrophic geological event and the collapse of a major volcano on Kauai. The fertile volcanic soil, unlike the soil of the of the Grand Canyon, is rich in nutrients making the floral growth on the canyon's surface vibrant and visually appealing.

Waimea Canyon State Park covers nearly 2,000 acres of ground along the ten mile long canyon, offering numerous hiking trails, interpretive programs, and information at the visitor centers. Your group can drive along the canyon's edge to see a panoramic view of the expansive landscape or you have the opportunity to sample the exquisite hiking trails which lend an up close and personal interaction with the environment. Get back to nature and visit one of Hawaii's most beautiful natural wonders at Waimea Canyon.