Walters Art Museum

Walters Art Museum

Baltimore's premier educational institution, the Walters Art Museum is one of the few museums in the world to present a panorama of art that ranges from the third millennium B.C. to the 20th century. The Walters Art Museum has fascinating treasures such as mummies, armor, old master paintings, and art nouveau jewelry as well as a myriad of more contemporary creations.

The Walters Art Museum has a variety of collections including the Egyptian Collection with artifacts such as funerary objects, statues, jewelry, reliefs, and objects from daily life. Artifacts at the museum date back from prehistoric time to Roman-occupied Egypt. There are several impressive works featured in the collection which include two monumental 300-pound statues of the lion-hearted goddess Sekhmet sarcophagi, an intact mummy still wrapped in its elaborate wrappings, images of private individuals and kings, and impressive jewelry.

The Walters Art Museum also maintains a collection of Greek antiquities illustrating the history and culture of Greece from the Cycladic to the Hellenistic period. Guests will have the opportunity to see engraved gemstones, exceptional vases, and marble statues.

Finally, the Ethiopian collection containing icons, manuscripts, and processional crosses is not to be missed. The largest collection of Ethiopian art outside Ethiopia, the museum's galleries illustrate Ethiopia's history as a Christian kingdom with strong ties in both trade and religion to the cultures located around the Mediterranean.


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