Wanderlust Wednesday: Field Trip Favorites

School is back in session which means that as a busy teacher and/or student you are either: 1). Itching for a fun fall field trip, or 2). looking for a new fun educational resource.

Look to us at Adventure Student Travel as your new field trip gurus, always here to help you find that perfect educational, entertaining, or exciting field trip opportunity for your group. Not only do we offer customizable field trips and getaways for student groups to anywhere in the U.S, but we also offer travel hotspot tips, including popular museums, historic homes, and architectural hotspots.

When it comes to learning something new outside of the classroom, in a new location, we’re your company!

That being said, we’re also your company for great Travel Blog Tips, which is why we are presenting to you today our Part 1 Recap Blog from our popular Twitter-based series, Wanderlust Wednesday.

For the past 25 weeks we have been collecting and creating some of the most helpful travel blogs for students and teachers we could think of, and today we have a select 5 we believe you’re really going to enjoy: Field Trip Favorites.

See what subject interests you and your group the most, read the blog, then choose your specific location! Once you’ve decided, share it with all your friends and give us a call, we’ll make it happen!

Wanderlust Wednesday: Field Trip Favorites

  1. Destination Inauguration: 2017
    Take your student group to see the next Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C! This one is going to be monumental, I think we can all agree on that, and there is no better way to get your students truly involved with the political culture of America than by letting them see the Swearing-In Ceremony, Inaugural Parade and Speech, and the Inaugural Celebratory cruise later that evening!

    Boy Making Notes On School Nature Field Trip

    Boy Making Notes On School Nature Field Trip Dollarphotoclub

  2. Destination Fascination: 9 Must-See Museums
    It’s always pretty tough for teachers and student chaperones to agree on what museum to take the students to, especially when you have so many excellent and educational U.S options. Here are our top picks for student Must-See Museums to make it just a little easier on you!
  3. Destination Constellation: Top 5 Planetariums for Student Field Trips
    If science is what you are aiming to teach with your next field trip, you almost have to make it to a planetarium. These virtual space centers are not only highly educational (to both students and teachers), they are also fascinatingly exciting, a big overall guarantee that your students will stay involved and interested in your entire visit!
  4. Destination Inspiration: 7 Art Museums you Need to Visit
    On the opposite end of the spectrum if you are looking for an art lesson you may want to take a trip to any of these 7 Art Museums students Need to Visit. These fantastic collections across America will allow student groups to be immersed in both culture and history, as well as gain some insight into the artists’ lives and the process of work.
  5. Destination Narration: Top 10 American Author’s Homes to Visit
    English teachers, this one is for you! One of our favorite types of trips to set up are the ones to American Author’s Homes. There are so many excellent authors that have 'set up camp' within the United States, it is shocking how many literature-influential authors you can learn about with a simple visit to their home!