The Washington Monument in Baltimore: A National Marvel

The Washington Monument in Baltimore

Student groups visiting Baltimore will not want to miss the Washington Monument and Mount Vernon neighborhood, a historic landmark that has been a part of the city skyline for over 200 years now.

First built in 1829, this 178-foot tall landmark is the very first one that was dedicated to President George Washington, believe it or not. The doric column was designed by famed architect Robert Mills and it sits at the intersection of Mt Vernon Place and Washinton Place, in the downtown and Belvedere neighborhoods of Baltimore. The monument is the centerpiece of Mt Vernon Square Park, sitting right next to the George Peabody Library.

Upon entering the monument your group will be 'greeted by a heroic bust of George Washington that has faced the south entrance since 1843', the interior of the monument beautifully restored with stunning white marble. Visit the gallery, filled with interactive digital exhibits that include interactive touchscreens, live feeds of the city skyline above, history tidbits, key development moments, and various informational video kiosks. You can then head to the Stair Tower and Lookout, where you will climb the 227 step climb and experience picturesque views unlike any other in the city. Make sure you wear comfortable tennis shoes for the climb!

Overall this experience is one your group will not want to miss, providing an educational and historic adventure they won't soon forget.