Washington Park

Washington Park 1Washington Park is the 410 total acre public urban park maintained by Portland Parks and Rec that was first established in 1909. This huge park includes the Oregon Zoo, Forestry Museum, Rose Garden, Children's Museum, Arboretum, Japanese Garden, Amphitheater, various memorials, archery ranges, tennis courts, soccer fields, multiple playgrounds, and several pieces of public art. Here you will find many acres of wild forest and miles of trails, with around 160 acres of actual park land which sits on mostly steep, wooded hillsides that range from 200 to 870 feet high.

While here you will have to check out Chiming Fountain, the 1891 built Renaissance Washington Park 2fountain that was created at the time by a famous wood carver (hence the name and sound it makes). Your group will also be able to see the Lewis and Clark Memorial Column, Sacajawea and Jean Baptist Memorial, and several other noteworthy monuments and plaques! This is one of the oldest parks in Portland, the original purchase happening in 1871 of 40 acres from local landowner Amos King. Your group is truly going to enjoy the seemingly endless recreation activities, daily events, and even free park shuttle to get you where you need to be!