What to See and Do in Denver

The Mile High City is more than just a scenic destination. Full of history, culture, and of course outdoor recreation, Denver is a popular student trip destination for good reason. Explore what you can see and do during an educational or graduation trip with your students, friends, and family in Denver!

Denver Botanic Gardens -  23 acres of gorgeous themed gardens, a conservatory, and sunken amphitheater, the Denver Botanic Gardens ranks among the nation's best. Founded in 1951, the Denver Gardens has excelled in garden design and houses the largest North American collection of plants from cold temperate climates around the world. Some of the Gardens' themed areas include the world's first Xeriscape Demonstration Garden (now called Dryland Mesa), a Japanese Garden known as Shofu-en-The Garden of Wind and Pines, as well as a tropical conservatory, a Victorian Secret Garden, and many others.

Molly Brown House - Perhaps you know her name from the movie Titanic or you've read up on her history; Molly Brown, aka the "Unsinkable Molly Brown," was a philanthropist, socialite, and activist who survived the Titanic's sinking in 1912. Her home in Denver, also called the House of Lions, is a beautiful Queen Anne Victorian structure that has been preserved and restored to show how the indomitable Miss Molly Brown lived during her time in Denver. Visit and explore the rooms housing her belongings, learn about her life, and the good she did before and after the Titanic tragedy.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science - Combining the educational ventures of natural history and science, this incredible museum houses everything you can think of from the science behind Sherlock Holmes to dinosaur bones and ancient artifacts. There's no limit to imagination nor to science and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science agrees. Inside you'll find hundreds of exhibits, an IMAX showing educational and fascinating films, and also a Planetarium. Explore and discover Egyptian mummies, hands-on Discovery Zone activities, artifacts from American Indian cultures, wildlife exhibits and much more!

Mount Evans - The highest paved road in North America, Mount Evans rises to an impressive elevation of 14,271 feet above sea level. The highest peak in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Mount Evans affords incredibly spectacular views and wonderful recreational opportunities for the whole group. If you don't want to hike it, simply drive up the paved road and look out over the mountain top in wonder and awe. Find mountain goats and bighorn sheep wandering around the summit, observe the wildlife or take a hike through the three distinct ecosystems that exist on the elevation climb up the mountain.

Denver Art Museum - One of the largest art collections in the American West, the Denver Art Museum houses more than 70,000 works of art from around the world. With collections representing everything from American Indian cultures to contemporary and modern artists, Spanish Colonial, Pre-Columbian, western American, Asian, and European art movements throughout time, the Denver Art Museum is an inclusive venture to inspire and educate visitors on the integrity of visual artistry. Explore the galleries and find Monet's classic Impressionist Waterloo Bridge, Winslow Homer’s Two Figures by the Sea, and ancient artifacts of ceremonial or social use among many other beautiful acquisitions.

Denver Zoo - This 80-acre zoo in the heart of Denver doles out fascinating, fun-filled educational trips every day. Founded in 1896, the Denver Zoo has been and continues to be a leader in animal conservation. Begun with a single black bear cub, the Denver Zoo has grown to house over 4,000 animals representing roughly 613 species. Discover quirky ring-tailed lemurs, funny penguins, laughing hyenas, and chuckling zebras, endangered black rhinos and Amur leopards, wonderfully intelligent western lowland gorillas, and much more! Participate in an educational program or tour for a deeper look into the zoo.

Rocky Mountain National Park - A gorgeous national park set in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Denver's own popular park features incredible wildlife, noble mountains capped with snow, beautiful Bear Lake, and acres of wooded forests. With five visitor centers, three accessible paved road entrances, and several campgrounds, Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the country for its fantastic scenery and recreational opportunities. Hiking and wildlife observation is perhaps the most popular activity in the park but you can also fish, camp, bike, and take guided tours led by park rangers.

History Colorado Center - Dating back to 1871, the History Colorado Center was built to educate on the history of the state and inspire visitors to create a better tomorrow. This wonderfully fun and educational museum houses exhibits on all manner of topics from pop culture to Gold Rush history and beyond. Discover what it was to live in the Old West when the frontier line passed through Colorado and people moved westward in covered wagons with only their families and dreams to carry them on. Currently, the museum is showing exhibitions on Rocky Mountain National Park, Denver A to Z, the Chicano Movement in Colorado, and many others.

United States Mint - Perfect for educational groups, the United States Mint offers tours of their facilities and duties for desiring groups of all sizes. The U.S. Mint, as you know, makes, distributes, and circulates "precious metal and collectible coins and national medals" for the American people. Tours offered through the Mint educate visitors on the current state of coin production, the history of the U.S. Mint, and the process of coin/medal making. There's also an on-site shop where you and your student group can purchase coins and other memorabilia from the Mint.

Cherry Creek Shopping Center - Who doesn't love shopping on vacation? Cherry Creek Mall/Shopping Center is the premier shopping district in the whole city of Denver. Upscale, stylish, and beautifully designed, Cherry Creek is the perfect place to go and unwind after a long day of touring. Stop by with your group, window shop at Neiman Marcus or Burberry, or splurge a little and treat yourself to a luxurious vacation.