White Earth Reservation

Located in North Central Minnesota, the White Earth Reservation is a reserve/ organization created in 1867 after a treaty was signed between the United States and a band of Mississippi River Chippewa Native Americans. This reservation is only one of seven of its kind in the state representing the White Earth Tribe, or the Anishinaabe. The local community and several volunteers from near and far come out and help this community with various cultural projects and youth outreach, accomplishing such important tasks as refurbishing local buildings, harvesting crops, and participating in a seasonal ricing camp each August. This is the perfect chance to interact with locals, learn about the local culture, and even hike or canoe around the Mississippi River or Itasca State Park! There’s even a local wildlife refuge to visit and learn more about!

The Global Citizens Network has put together this unique volunteering opportunity in the tribal communities, a great chance to see and interact with the over 20,000 remaining tribal members who strive to preserve and embrace the ancient lifestyle, as you delicately help maintain their culture, language, and way of life. You will have the option to teach a youth group, refurbish community buildings, or harvest crops such as wild rice or raspberries. You will talk with the locals and leaders, and even have a chance to hike, fish, or canoe with them as you immerse yourself into their culture. Enjoy the scenic prairie lands as you take part in building porches, painting murals, weeding gardens, or just visiting with a village elder.