White Mountain National Forest

Scenic highway 16, NH

Welcome to the White Mountain National Forest, a fantastically photogenic Northeastern must-see that provides more than 800,000 acres of preserved forest with mountain views and historic sites galore. The forested mountains and hillsides are dotted with history, the park itself established in 1918 after a long battle with unregulated logging practices and private timber companies. The landscape was left damaged, highly susceptible to flood and fire, putting this gorgeous piece of land at high risk. The land soon became protected, ensuring that the land would become healthy once again, and eventually raising the originally left 7,000 acres to the 800,000 it holds today.

Once here your group will have magnificent recreational opportunities, with 1,200 miles of non-motorized trails to start. Take a challenging or adventurous trail hike, or renew yourself with a wooded climb through the trees. You can hike, bike, climb, camp, fish, hunt, view nature, take part in any water or winter sports, and even several outdoor learning opportunities. Explore the forest and enjoy the surrounding healthy watersheds and vibrant ecosystems, but be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring your camera! You may also want to take advantage of the Kancamagus Scenic Byway for a drive, or perhaps the historic Russell-Colbath House or Brickett Place. This is one gorgeous, fun, and educational stop that you and your entire group are all going to love!