Why You Should Visit Nashville

There's not just a single reason why you should visit Nashville, perhaps better known as Music City. Instead, lucky you, there are five full-fledged reasons why Nashville should call to your student group, beckoning you for a visit. Spend some time in the Tennessee treasure and you'll understand just what makes it so special.

1. Music 

You can't have a blog about Nashville and not mention the music. It is truly and irrevocably knit into every fiber of the city, from the street performers on every block to the mega-centers where the big stars reside every season. You'll never get bored with a music tour around the city's most fabulous joints. Artists like Michael Buble, Kid Rock, and the Black Eyed Peas write and record in Nashville while others such as the Kings of Leon, the Black Keys, Jack White, and Paramore make the city their home. Make sure you get tickets to the Grand Ole Opry but even if you don't manage that, there are plenty of places around the city that afford free live music pretty much any night of the year.

2. Food

One of the reasons why Nashville is so awesome, and so popular with top ten lists nowadays, is the burgeoning culinary scene. Southern down-home-cookin' mixed with elevated new American classics and fusion inspired dishes gives an added dimension to the city's fabulousness. Spots like Hattie B's and Burger Up may not give you the most healthy of plate options but they certainly are among the most delicious with fried chicken, mac n' cheese, and juicy burgers galore. If you're in the mood for something "fancier," there are certainly plenty of options for you although the affordability of the city is something that student groups adore and there are a plethora of yummy cheap eats joints around the city to enjoy.

3. Arts

Apart from music, Nashville is a wonderful city for the arts. There are plenty of old antebellum mansions, botanical gardens, art galleries and museums for your group to enjoy. Cheekwood Mansion has its own botanical gardens on the site, making it a historical and stunningly beautiful destination to relax and tour with friends. The Hermitage, however, is perhaps the most famous of homes in Nashville as it was once the residence of President Andrew Jackson. There are also dozens of art galleries scattered throughout the city and museums include the Frist Center for Visual Arts and of course, the Parthenon, a permanent art collection in the only exact replica of the Parthenon in Athens in the entire world.

4. Entertainment 

Entertainment, in this case, encompasses much more than the live music you can find in this glorious city. Nashville is replete with entertainment venues, shows, and events including the Tennessee Performing Arts Center which supports Broadway and off-Broadway shows year-round. Historic Ryman Auditorium consistently shows wonderful performers from comedians to pop superstars and more. And you know what else Nashville has a ton of? Honkytonks. Super fun for the whole group, honky-tonks are something you probably won't be able to find back home, where you can relax with some sinfully delicious food and listen to live music in a lively place. Whether your idea of entertainment includes music or shows, bowling or seeing a movie, Nashville has plenty in store for you.

5. Affordability

This is the biggest and most important aspect of this list. Nashville has consistently been in the top five of the most affordable cities in the U.S. for travelers. From the lodging to the food and attractions, Nashville's affordable nature makes it easy to love. Not to mention the free events and festivals that go on all year long which make for super attractive itinerary fillers. Your group is going to adore Nashville, so give it a chance and see where life takes you!