Wild Center

Adirondack Lake Scene

The Wild Center, or more officially named the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks, was created in 1998 with the goal of educating guests on the complicated relationship they share with the earth, specifically the area around the Adirondacks. Wild Center is committed to a future where people and the natural world thrive together, effortlessly and mutually. Here your group can discover the story of the Adirondacks as well as explore new ways that people and nature can live together. This large museum sits on an 81-acre site in Tupper Lake, New York, near the geographic center of the region of the Adirondacks. This entire region houses great expanses of nature interspersed with small villages and communities, a vast protected natural park area surrounded in every direction by swarms of people. This particular area within the region may be the most unique and rare strips of New York land in the entire state!

The actual Wild Center contains a small collection of science-based exhibits and programs designed to look at the relationship between men and nature. All together the exhibits comprise a vital and necessary experiment in peaceful and natural living. The award-winning center holds all of these exhibits, trails, a river and pond, multimedia shows, and many hands-on experiences. Be sure to check out the only elevated trail across the high treetops in all of New York, the Wild Walk, as well as the aquarium exhibits featuring river otters and other various New York fish. Take part in a self-guided or Notch Above Tour while here to get the full experience, and also take advantage of the Waterside Cafe full of delicious and local food and drink.