Wild Ziplines You Must Try

Ziplines you must tryThe zipline fad has quickly grown in the past ten years, and with good reason. How else can you experience the feeling of flying over volcanoes, mountains, canyons, rivers, lakes and treetops? If you're ready to take your passion for ziplining to the next level, try one of these extreme attractions throughout the United States.

1. Ulta Ziplines at Utah Olympic National Park

This zipline's extreme factor is the fact that it's one of the steepest drops in the world -- giving you the feel of a professional skier going downhill at 50 miles per hour. Two lines allow you to enjoy the ride with a partner.


2. Royal Gorge Zipline in Colorado

For a two-hour adventure tour, this Colorado zipline will delight as it takes adventurers over three miles of flying above gorges, canyons, and the Arkansas River. On this tour, you can stop at certain landmarks for a short hike where your tour guide can teach you about the terrain.


3. Icy Strait Zipline in Alaska

Think you could convince six friends to take a 1,300 foot vertical leap with you? That's exactly what this thrilling Arctic zipline offers, along with a maximum speed of 60mph and breathtaking ocean views.


4. Hocking Hills Canopy Tours in Ohio

Sandstone rock cliffs, recessed caves, the Hocking River and a bountiful variety of trees and vegetation serve as the backdrop for this world-class zipline built right in the trees of the forest, bringing you as close to nature as possible.


5. Skyline Eco Adventures in Maui

Think you're brave enough to zipline over a volcano? We believe in you! This 9 line adventure can last up to four hours, so you better be prepared for a Hawaiian experience once only experienced by the parrots and pelicans.