WildPlay Niagara Falls MistRider Zipline

WildPlay Niagara Falls MistRider Zipline

The coolest way for humans to soar across the sky!

Welcome to one of Niagara Falls' newest and most exciting attractions, the WildPlay MistRider Zipline. This exhilarating 'flight without feathers' features 4 parallel zip lines facing the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls, allowing you to soar above the misty falls in an experience that is truly one of a kind.

The ziplines are 67 meters, or 220 feet high and run about 2,200 feet in length. You will reach speeds of over 40 mph as you ride along the edge of the Niagara River Gorge to the Falls observation landing. You can even zip the course at night time and experience the 'cascade of colors' that is the falls after dark. You will get a free light up a wristband and be able to enjoy the nightly firework show afterward (in-season).

Looking for more thrills? Try the WildPlay Aerial Adventure Courses, with classic, kids, and extreme options, each course featuring a variety of log ladders, cargo nets, rope swings, tight ropes, and more.

This zipline and aerial adventure course combo is only open mid-April to late October, with weekend ride times throughout November.