Wildwood Park for the Arts

62-450x400Welcome to Wildwood Park for the Arts, the 105-acre park that includes gardens, a 625-seat theatre, and several art outreach programs. This park strives to enrich the lives of Arkansans of all ages by creating a community through nature and arts. Within this park lives the Academy of Music and Arts, started in 2014 to provide access to the highest standards in music and arts education to students in central Arkansas. You will also see installments from the Art in the Parks program, which provides a dynamic environment for visual arts with contemporary culture. There are several unique botanical gardens, the aforementioned Lucy Lockett Cabe Theatre, and information kiosks galore.

This park provides opportunities for lifelong learning, engaging imagination, and celebrating Arkansas spirit through nature and a full spectrum of cultural arts. Visual, performing, literary, and horticultural arts are highlighted throughout. Wildwood Park is one of the state's most valuable natural and cultural resources, and the quarterly changing art exhibits really know how to draw in a crowd. The exhibits expand the experience of contemporary art by engaging the community through events, humanities, lectures,and educational opportunities. Be sure to check out all the unique gardens before you go, including the Asian Woodland, Boop Water, Bruce, Swan Lake, Wild 40, Ruth Allen Dogwood, and Zahn Rock Gardens.