Historic Jamestowne

Pocahontas Statue

Historic Jamestowne, located in Williamsburg, Virginia, was the site of the first successful permanent English settlement in America. Arrived in 1607, the colonists went to work building James Fort, houses, and new lives in North America. Their efforts helped build the colonies and paved the way for the United States as we know it. Today, the settlement is an archaeological dig, only pieces surviving the centuries between our times. Historic Jamestowne welcomes visitors to discover the true history of New England, of the colonial settlements, and the relations between colonists and Native Americans.

The settlement, though a scientific site of research, is also a museum and educational adventure. Groups are welcome to come and explore the site of James Fort, learn from a real archaeologist about what kind of artifacts they look for and how they extract them from the earth. See the kinds of things they pull from the ground, from the clutches of history, including fossils, arrowheads, weapons, and ceremonial Native American artifacts. Learn how they're able to determine famine times and periods of disease from the fossils, bones, and household items, or how they explain Native American relations with the colonists. Discover the true history of Pocahontas and John Smith, the first Africans in the New World, and the Powhatan Chief, as well as the colonists themselves.

There are specialty tours as well as educational tours for school groups. Stop by the Visitor Center to find out more information on tours and programs.