Historic Yorktown Battlefield

800px-Yorktown_cemeteryHistoric Yorktown Battlefield

Yorktown was the scene for the battle that effectively ended the American Revolution and won our independence from the British. Part of the larger Colonial National Historical Park in Virginia, Yorktown Battlefield preserves a number of historical landmarks including the house that is thought to have been General Cornwallis' headquarters during this final battle. Visit the spot where the Revolutionary War ended, where colonists became Americans, and where the final surrender negotiations took place.

You’ll experience the events of the Revolution in fascinating detail on this historic battlefield. Many of the historic landmarks have been reconstructed or restored to their original appearance, including the Nelson House which is open for tours. Imagine seeing the actual field tents used by General George Washington during the battle, or stand in the house in which the surrender agreement was signed. You will be able to tour the battlefield itself with its fortifications and cannons as a guide describes the history of your surroundings. Start at the visitors center which offers an orientation film introducing groups to the history of the war, the progression of battles, culminating at Yorktown. This tour is sure to raise your appreciation for the American Revolution, its heroes, its history, and the fight for our independence.