Wizard Quest

Wizard Quest

Get ready for a truly magical experience as you and your team take on Wisconsin Dell's Wizard Quest!

Wizard Quest is a magical scavenger hunt that is considered to be a leader in computer interactive games played in a live setting. It is dubbed 'the nation's first team building fantasy game', a quest to free trapped wizards within a 13,000 square foot labyrinth!

Explore secret passages, hidden entrances, ball pits, and mirror mazes as you use your powers of observation and exploration to 'uncover the mysteries of the Quadrasphere', which has 4 realms; earth, air, fire, water. Answer questions along the way, solve riddles, unlock doors, and traverse mazes, using the Kindle given to you to enter your answers and receive clues. There are 3 quests you can choose from:

  • Dragon Quest - Easy - Find and release 4 dragons with no time limit.
  • Apprentice Quest - Medium - Choose to serve Havoc or Nelzar in this 60 minute adventure.
  • Freedom Quest - Hard - You have 60 minutes to free as many wizards as you can! (Blacklight flashlight highly recommended).

Note* This attraction is currently closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 


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