Wright Museum

Start your day off with a highly educational and interesting tour of the Wright Museum of WWII in Wolfeboro. This impressive museum is dedicated to recognizing and honoring the many contributions and enduring legacies of Americans who lived and fought during WWII. The museum was opened in 1994 by local Korean War hero David Wright, a 20,000 square foot museum featuring over 20 years of education. Keeping with its original mission, Wright Museum teaches a public understanding and appreciation of the extensive contributions made by soldiers with careful preservation and thoughtful display of their permanent collection of war memorabilia. Your group will find many 1939-1945 era items inside, the entire collection representing a national repository for historical significance WWII items.

The entire collection inside the Wright Museum of WWII holds over 14,000 items, representing nicely both the home front and battle fields during the war. There are several educational and interesting items throughout the entire display, not to mention the fully operational military vehicles. These items tell an important story of a seminal period of history known to create the "greatest generation." Take part in any of the many various educational programs, school tours for all ages, or travelling exhibits. Some of the most popular special exhibits this museum has seen includes the D-Day Photography exhibit, Anne Frank Show exhibit, and a display of art by local WWII New Hampshire soldier/artist. It will be pretty easy after your visit to see why 300,000 visitors have come through these doors since they opened! Before you go stop by the museum shop and pick up any key chains, local history books, model airplanes, or games you may want, the money goes toward the museum's education programs!