MOCA Cleveland

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, or MOCA Cleveland, is Ohio’s only MOCA_Clevelandcontemporary art institute and was created in 1968. Over the last 45 years, MOCA Cleveland has played an "urgent and exciting role in Cleveland's cultural landscape" and has provided an ever-changing venue for over 2,000 local, regional, and international artists so far! The goal of this museum is to push the boundaries of innovation, creativity, and exploration through challenging, inspiring, and teaching the community about visual arts. To keep up with the times, MOCA introduces new exhibits 3 times a year, offering fresh seasonal art experiences for locals and guests alike.

Some of the first exhibits featured in the MOCA Cleveland includes works from Jasper Johns, Christo, and even Andy Warhol. One of the most impressive parts of this location is the building itself, though, designed by Moussavi as his first major architectural success. Created to be environmentally and fiscally sustainable, this inventive, stunning, and practical 4-story building features 34,000 square feet of exhibits, a six-sided base, 4-sided top, and reflective black stainless steel geothermal siding. This geometrical wonderland offers various resources, activities, art projects, and nightly classes to promote education and community outreach. Currently, at the museum, you can enjoy the popular exhibit “Remaining Human” or wait patiently for the upcoming “Off the Ruling Class” Yitzhak exhibit. Regardless of what is on display when you visit,  your group will be visually and architecturally stunned after a visit to MOCA Cleveland!