Old Stone Church

Consider visiting the Old Stone Church on your next trip to Cleveland, the iconic spot iOld_Stone_Church_Clevelandn which you will find beautiful architecture to admire, history to discover, and faith-based attractions to explore. Guests can worship on Sundays with the congregation but if you can't stay for the service, there is also a fascinating gallery for you to explore during any time of your visit.

Inside the gallery, you will learn about the rich history of female leaders in the faith community. Guests will discover how these influential women helped to shape the legacy of Old Stone Church including Mrs. Ray V. Crooks who was the organizer and first teacher of the Henderson class. You will also learn about Flora Stone Mather, a woman who was one of Old Stone’s most influential members and also one of Cleveland’s greatest philanthropists.

The Old Stone Church contains beautiful stained glass windows like the Amasa Stone Memorial Window overlooking Public Square. It was designed by an architect named John La Farge and named for Amasa Stone who donated money and his services to the Old Stone Church.Another window in the Old Stone Church is known as the Recording Angel. The window is a memorial to Samuel Williamson and designed by Lewis Comfort Tiffany and installed in 1885.