10 Most Haunted Cities in America (Part Two)

THE 10Can't get enough of the unknown this Halloween season? We're back as promised with the next five scariest cities across the U.S. Get your moving van packed before finding out what spooky spirits reside in your own hometown!

6. Portland, Oregon

Ever heard of shanghaiing? Portland is all too familiar with this, the act of kidnapping cowboys, seamen, sailors and others through trapdoors in saloons, smuggling them through the tunnels to the waterfront, and selling them to sea captains. History tells that beneath the quaint cobblestones of Portland's roads lie the Shanghai Tunnels -- and the angry spirits who suffered injury and death within. Ghost expeditions allow visitors to go underground with professional ghost hunters, where one ghost in particular named "Nina" has shown herself to countless explorers.

7. Athens, Ohio

Athens Lunatic Asylum was not only named in poor taste but from 1874 to 1993 was known for its harsh treatment of patients and frequent lobotomies. Thus, it's pretty darn haunted with the angry -- and disturbed -- spirits of patients and crazed doctors. Disembodied screams, apparitions that walk the halls, and a ghostly bloodstain on the floor are just a few claims visitors of the building's new business, "The Ridges," claim to have witnessed. Currently owned by Ohio University,  many of the college's dorms, sororities and fraternities are said to be equally as haunted. Room 284 in the Wilson Hall dormitory is reportedly sealed off due to hauntings from a young woman who killed herself in the room after claiming she saw the ghost of a lost asylum patient. Watch the video below for more info.

8. Washington, D.C.

Legend has it that a demon black cat has appeared on the lawn of the White House as a warning before every national tragedy that has occurred. It was first spotted on the record before Lincoln's assassination. Lincoln and countless other presidents are said to haunt the White House, though the government requires the house workers to keep the information disclosed. Take a National Buildings Ghost Tour to find out for yourself.

9. Chicago

The Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929 occurred when Al Capone's gangsters gunned down seven men in a garage on North Clark Street, and since then strange mists, screams, and machine gun sounds can all be experienced near the site. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery was the known dumping ground for many victims of gang violence, and professional ghost hunters will lead you through at night to feel the presence of these spirits.

10. San Francisco

Two spots in SF are known to be filled with the supernatural -- Chinatown and the massive prison, Alcatraz. In Chinatown, the ghosts of Chinese immigrants who once came for gold in the 1850s but found nothing are said to still be searching the alleyways for their promised treasure. At Alcatraz, voices from the cell walls and figures walking about the hallways are seen regularly on tours.