10 Packing Hacks You Didn’t Know About

Overstuffed suitcases, expensive luggage fees, and ill-packed carry on bags....we all know the hassle of trying to pack efficiently for a big trip, especially when it comes to making the most of your suitcase space.

Packing in the most efficient manner possible may come easy for seasoned travelers, but even the most experienced probably don't know about these helpful packing hacks.

Utilize these 10 tips when preparing for your next grand adventure and see how these simple fixes can turn you into a packing MacGyver in no time.

  1. Use a Pill Case for Small Jewelry -
    Ensure no small jewelry such as earrings or rings gets lost during your journey by utilizing a pill case.
  2. Put Breakable Items in Socks -
    Items such as perfume or breakable gifts can be easily stored inside clean socks to prevent breakage.
  3. Save Room by Utilizing Space in Shoes -
    Put things such as small toiletries or electronics inside your shoes to save extra space.
  4. Roll Clothes, Don't Fold -
    This is a staple in saving space while packing, just roll your clothes tightly instead of folding and stacking.
  5. Store Cables and Chargers in Eyeglass Case -
    Chargers and cables can be bulky and space consuming, but fitting them inside an eyeglass or sunglass case will ensure they don't get tangled or take up too much carry on bag space.
  6. Roll Belts and Place Inside Collared Shirts -
    Keep your shirt collar crisp and your belt compact by rolling the belt and placing it inside the collar of your shirt.
  7. Put Makeup In Contact Case -
    Store liquid makeup such as concealer in a clean contact case instead of bringing the full bottles.
  8. Use Binder Clips to Protect Razor Heads -
    Help save both your razor blades and your other belongings near your razor by placing a binder clip over the razor head.
  9. Store Bobby Pins in Tic Tac Case -
    Save packing mess disaster by putting bobby pins and hair ties in a tic-tac case.
  10. Place Shoes in Hotel Shower Caps to Keep Suitcase Clean -
    When packing your shoes in a suitcase avoid dirtying up your belongings and bag by using a shower cap on the bottoms of the shoes. Most hotels provide these for free.


    Luggage Pixabay Public Domain