11 Most Important Travel Trends for 2021

2021 is looking to be a seriously epic year for the travel and tourism industry, and for those looking to explore the world a little bit more!

Take a look, plan ahead, and book now!

  1. No Footprint Travel
    There is a major overall theme emerging in the travel world today, and that theme is ECO-FRIENDLY. Travelers from all generations are more conscious of the impact that their travel has on the environment, and even on the local economy. In a new effort to lessen one's personal footprint when traveling, travelers are now embracing more eco-friendly, carbon-neutral methods of getting from one place to another. Not only that, but the types of hotels stayed at, if any at all, local transportation choices, and food that is eaten while at that destination are all being looked at as well.

    ASTip: Camp, ride bikes, shop at local farmer's markets, pack a reusable water bottle.


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  2. 'Lifestyle' Flights
    Certain airlines across the world are embracing longer flights and giving guests more custom, luxury options to enjoy themselves while onboard, including popular airlines such as Emirates and Qatar Airways. New 'social spaces' have been designed with these airlines and others, which include areas for communal dining, yoga, and bars. Other airline companies have developed bunk bed rest zones and kids play areas, as well as things such as fully-furnished 'pods' that allow you comfortable, relaxing flight experience.

    ASTip: Be sure to take full advantage of all available benefits on longer 'lifestyle' flights like these, even if your personal pod is so cozy you don't want to leave.


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  3. Offline Travel
    It seems that in today's travel world you can look around and see at least half the people around you attached to their cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other technologies. People are constantly connected, and constantly sharing their travel experience. Expect to see fewer people doing this in 2021, as the new idea of embracing 'offline travel' is taking off. Travelers are focusing more on really immersing themselves into their travel situation nowadays, rather than immediately talking about them and sharing photos. Cell phones aren't forgotten when traveling, but wifi and data are turned off, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings fully!

    ASTip: Keep your cellphone in airplane mode, or if you are worried about missing emergency notifications simply temporarily disable your social media accounts while on vacation.


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  4. Bleisure Travel
    Perhaps mixing business and travel isn't such a new concept to many people in the workforce today, but it is becoming quite the permanent trend within the travel world, with even higher bleisure travelers expected in 2021. Many companies are opting to mix business with pleasure when it comes to travel to conferences or cross-country meetings, allowing employees more time to enjoy themselves while away and even adding more recreation opportunities themselves. There are options for family members to join the trip as well. There are several benefits to bleisure travel, both for the employees and the companies, such as higher in-office incentives, better attitudes, and more productivity overall.

    ASTip: Ask your boss about any 'bleisure travel' opportunities within your position to give you something to 'work forward' to.


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  5. Disney Travel
    Disney is constantly coming out with new additions to their theme park conglomerate, and 2021 will be no exception! The end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 should see some key park additions such as Cirque Du Soleil, Tron-themed coasters, Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser resort opening, a new Avengers campus called Marvel Land, a new light show and parade, and several new restaurants. The company is also doing more in the way of custom family visits, with specialized resort room themes, dinner options, custom passes, and more, meaning the crowds are expected to grow even more in 2021.

    ASTip: Look into your Disney tickets well in advance, getting the best deals before the big crowds (virtual or real) hit!


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  6. Farm to Fork Travel
    More and more people are becoming increasingly aware of what they eat and where it comes from, which is why 2021 is going to be the year of the rise of Farm to Fork Travel! Several health-conscious travelers are making the more frequent decision to travel based upon what they want to eat and see exactly where it came from, especially vegan travelers. With an increasing global pressure to go meatless by 2050, new methods of farming, harvesting, and producing food, in general, have gained the public spotlight, and there are many travelers willing to base a trip off of just that!

    ASTip: Be sure to not only do your research on exactly where you are going to go to learn more, but use eco-friendly methods of travel along the way as well!


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  7. Spartan Holidays
    Described as 'the modern way of traveling the medieval way', Spartan Holidays are one of the most widely talked about upcoming travel trends. This new idea of traveling mainly just embraces a minimalistic approach to travel, both digitally and packing-wise. Almost no digital contact is used during these trips, and only essential gear is packed, such as adequate clothing choices and vegan-friendly foods.

    ASTip:  We don't suggest trying a Spartan Holiday as your first big travel experience, this is for more experienced travelers and/or campers.


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  8. Nomadic Hotels
    These new concept hotels are popping up more and more worldwide, the main brand in the business being 700,000 Heures. This hotel is calling itself 'the first wandering hotel in the world. The concept is this; the 'hotel' takes over an existing property for about 6 months at a time, typically using an existing luxury private home. The property gets a full staff and equipment to turn the landscape into a hotel, their special item being their 'trunks' that open into bars, benches, and sinks, allowing for a truly nomadic, yet still a luxury, experience. The hotel has had luck in Italy and Japan so far, expecting more expansion as 2021 goes on.

    ASTip: While completely unique, this travel trend is a more pricey one, so be prepared to pay top dollar for your nomadic experience!


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  9. Solo Travel: Co-living
    While Solo Travel isn't exactly a new trend in the travel world, co-living is. Many solo travelers are looking to save money and time while also branching out of their comfort zone and meeting new people while traveling, which is why co-living has become quite a big new trend. Unlike hostels or Airbnbs, co-living arrangements allow you to meet up with like-minded travelers and not only share more permanent living space but share travel experiences and knowledge during your stay together as well. Co-living is more for those who want to travel on their own schedule without being required to lease something out or pay an arm and a leg to overnight stay over and over again.

    ASTips: Do plenty of research before jumping into a co-living situation. While this is a more frequently used solo travel lodging method, there are still dangers to making decisions without researching first.


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  10. Train Travel
    The Greta Thunberg's of this generation are all aboard with the idea of reducing their travel footprint and opting in for train travel versus air travel. Overall, trains are more energy-efficient methods of travel per passenger mile than both planes and cars, putting off less-harmful carbon emissions due to them not being released directly into the upper atmosphere. They are also more cost-efficient for travelers, with fewer increases in fuel prices overall.

    ASTip: Of course, train travel is not without its negatives as well, so be sure to fully research your particular trip and which method makes the most sense for you.


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  11. Travel Rewards: Credit Cards
    More and more credit card companies are offering major perks when it comes to travel, and even more are expected in 2021. Credit cards offer several cashback benefits to flying, staying at certain hotels, and various travel experiences in general, with several cards aimed specifically at travelers nowadays. Not only can you get a travel-based credit card, but you can get specific airline or hotel based credit cards for optimal points and rewards. Some popular cards with high travel benefits today are the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Hilton Honors American Express, and Delta SkyMiles Platinum cards.

    ASTip: As with most things on this list, we highly suggest you do your research before signing up for the first good offer than comes around. You will likely find that a more specific travel reward-based card fits your needs better.


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