13 Unique U.S. Roadside Attractions

Roadside America is chock-full of weird, wacky, and wonderful stop-and-see attractions from coast to coast.

Seeing the U.S by way of these roadside attractions can be a very memorable and even culturally educational journey, each giving insight into what makes our country so unique. These attractions also serve as great time fillers during your next big road trip, providing your group with some much needed mid-trip entertainment.

Plan a stop at any of these unique roadside attractions during your next trip and we think you'll agree why they made our top list!

  1. Carhenge -
    Alliance, Nebraska
    This 10-acre plot in Nebraska is the next best thing to the impressive original across the pond, the entire attraction made up of 38 flat grey automobiles arranged just as they are in Stonehenge. It’s like Stonehenge and Cadillac Ranch all rolled up into one!
  2. Shoe Tree -
    US 50, Nevada

    Don’t blink or you’ll miss it, this large cottonwood tree along the side of ‘America’s loneliest road’ holding hundreds of pairs of tennis shoes thrown lace first thrown by locals and tourists traveling along the road.
  3. World’s Largest Baseball Bat -
    Louisville, Kentucky

    It’s really no surprise that the world’s largest baseball bat is here in Louisville, home of the slugger and tons of baseball history. This is the perfect spot to stop for a great photo opp for any baseball fans.
  4. Mystery Spot -
    Santa Cruz, California

    Be ready to encounter one seriously interesting mystery on your way through California’s redwood forest, this spot containing a small shed that defies what you think you know about gravity. The 150-foot diameter slanted shed astounds guests daily!
  5. World’s Largest Pez -
    Burlingame, California

    Everybody loves those historic candy dispensers from Pez, especially when you pass the 7 foot 10-inch replica right outside San Francisco. Stop by the largest dispenser and then head inside the ‘pez shrine’ to see so much more!
  6. Cadillac Ranch -
    Amarillo, Texas

    One of the most popular U.S Roadside Attractions is Cadillac Ranch, the set of 10 graffiti-covered Cadillac tail fins that are meant to represent the ‘American Dream’. The cars are set in a line angled at the same exact angle as the Great Pyramids in Egypt, and yes, spray painting the cars yourself is highly encouraged!
  7. General Sherman Tree -
    Sequoia National Park, California

    Driving through Sequoia National Park in California will present so many exciting ‘roadside attractions’ in way of amazingly huge, gnarled, historic, and twisted trees, especially when it comes to General Sherman! This U.S Civil War general namesake tree stands at 275 feet tall, 52,000 cubic feet, a truly astonishing sight to see!
  8. Galleta Meadows -
    Borrego Springs, California
    Head to Galleta Meadows to see ‘free-standing art’ from the prehistoric era, an entire desert area (Anza Borrego Desert) filled with life-size metal sculptures that show creatures that roamed here 6.5 million years ago!
  9. Foamhenge -
    Natural Bridge, Virginia

    Can’t make it across the pond to the real Stonehenge? Well, Foamhenge in Virginia may be your next best option, the entire creation of a full-size replica of the original site made entirely out of styrofoam. Created by Mark Cline, the intricate detail was put in to ensure the pieces are all in astronomically correct positions, as well!
  10. World’s Largest Rocking Chair -
    Cuba, Missouri

    On your way into Rolla on historic Route 66, you will see the World’s Largest Rocking Chair, a chair so big, you’ll have to pull over! Go stand next to, or climb into, if you can, this massive 46-foot tall chair with 31 foot long rockers, each weighing in at 2,000 pounds. This is exactly how you get your kicks on Route 66!
  11. Largest Santa Claus -
    North Pole, Alaska

    You’re going to want to make a special trip to the North Pole (no, not that the North Pole), to see for yourself the largest Santa Claus, a figure sitting at a whopping 42 feet high, 900 pounds. Built for the 1962 World Fair, this attraction at the SC House also allows you to send letters to Santa and pick up some gifts!
  12. Big Tree Drive-Thru -
    Avenue of Giants, California

    Driving through the home of all the gigantically beautiful California Redwoods is a sight to see all of itself, but when you hit the Avenue of Giants, the game completely changes, as you can actually drive-thru the monster trees! Check out a thru-tree tour, or head over to the highly popular Chandelier Tree!
  13. Jolly Green Giant -
    Blue Earth, Minnesota

    Blue Earth gained a major icon to go along with its booming local business in 1978, the huge giant sitting at 55 feet tall and weighing in at an astounding 4 tons...talk about great advertising!