15 Fun Fundraising Ideas for Students

Fundraising can get pretty boring pretty quick, especially with the same ideas being repeated year after year within school districts. Fundraising doesn't have to be monotonous, however, it can be a truly fun experience for your students with the right ideas, momentum, and information.

At Adventure Student Travel we not only want to ensure your group has a great trip, but we also want to ensure you can pay for it easily! Here are our top 15 suggestions for fun fundraising ideas for your group!

  1. Big Band Dance and Dinner - This is a great option for marching and/or concert bands looking to raise money for that big trip, even choirs! Your musical group will supply the tunes and food for a fancy dinner hosted at the school, selling tickets for the event to parents, teachers, and friends. Each student that is part of the musical group can be responsible for bringing one food item, alleviating extra costs. Spaghetti dinners tend to work out the best!
  2. Color Run - Color runs are highly popular lately, with several enthusiastic runners looking to add a pop of color in their normal marathon routines. Have your students and/or participants wear a white tee during the event and have volunteers at certain checkpoints add the color. Raise money by charging a participation fee or by getting sponsors to pledge money for each lap completed.
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  3. Parade Parking Donations - Almost every school puts on or participates in a parade at least once a year, whether it is a homecoming parade, local holiday parade, or major holiday parade. During a parade of your choosing set up volunteers at the parking areas with cans for donations for the trip. You'd be surprised how many people in your community are willing to help out!
  4. Local Food Specialty - Does your town have a tasty treat people love to eat? Maybe someone in town sells THE BEST popcorn, ice cream, hamburgers, pizza, or whatever else? If so take advantage of the local tradition and try to partner with them, promoting their business and taking a portion of their sales for your fundraiser in return.
  5. Local Business Discount Cards - This idea always sells itself, with almost every community member wanting major discounts on local businesses. Get with anywhere from 5 to 15 (or more) local businesses and create a discount card with offers such as buy one get one free, 10-20% off or free item on next visit!
  6. Silent Auction at Football Game - There are several things you can do to earn extra money for your class trip at football games, such as a silent auction. Set some tables up near your concession stand or ticket booth and have guests bid on locally donated items. Announce the winners at halftime!
  7. Class Carnival - This is a really fun way for students to raise the money themselves. Provide games, silent auction opportunities, foods, and other carnival standbys and invite students, parents, teachers, and community members to the fun! We love this idea because it works for any student age group!
  8. Haunted House - If you need to raise money toward the spooky season count yourself lucky, as you can take advantage of the opportunity to put on a haunted house! Use your school or another local establishment and set up a scary environment for guests, charging for entrance and accepting donations at the front!
  9. PTA Karaoke - PTA Karaoke is a fun way to raise some money behind the scenes, allowing some adult fun and easy money making during your normal PTA meetings. Set up a karaoke station and have teachers and parents pay to see certain songs performed by certain people! Or simply put on a show and accept donations, there are several ways this one could work.
  10. Crowdfunding - In today's social media-driven society sometimes it is easiest to simply log on and ask for help! Use crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe and share the cause on Facebook. This is an almost effortless way to raise extra cash!

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  11. Homecoming/Prom Dress Sale - After a major school dance set up a community-wide dress sale, allowing your students to make extra money for their trip while also getting rid of something they may only wear once in their lives.
  12. Class T-Shirt Contest - Have each class come up with a T-Shirt idea, then compete for the best over a few months, or maybe even the whole year, and see which class sells the most t-shirts overall. Put the shirts on display at sports games, community events, and school performances.
  13. Family Picture Day - If there is a member of your staff or community member willing to volunteer a day of their time, this is an excellent option for fundraising. Use a professional setting within your school or a nice area outside to take family photos, sending home information and pricing with students well beforehand. Several parents will want to take advantage of this easy, cheap photo opportunity!
  14. Art Auction - This is another option that is great for all student age groups. Have your students put their best art projects on display in the gym or cafeteria of your school and then invite parents, teachers, and community members to come bid on the artwork. Students will feel pride in their work and raise quite a bit of money for the trip!
  15. Class Cookbook - Ask your students for one recipe each, whether it is their own specialty or their parents, and compile them all into a 'class cookbook'. Sell these cookbooks at games, community events, and school performances.

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  16. Used Book Sale - No matter what age your students are they probably have quite a few books at home. Have your class bring in books they are willing to part with, and even clean out your own classroom of old unwanted books. Put on a community-wide used book sale at the school or local library and put the proceeds toward your trip!
  17. Candygrams - Around Valentine's Day, or even Christmas (Candy Canes) or Halloween (Candy Corn), set up a booth at lunchtime or in your front office at school for students to purchase and send Candygrams to their friends or crushes. This is always a popular way to raise money among students.
  18. Text-to-Donate - This is a fairly new but already popular fundraising idea, a text-to-donate system allowing minimal effort and maximum returns. Create a statement about your class, your fundraiser, and your upcoming trip, then start a text campaign and send them out to teachers, parents, community members, and even other students. The system (system examples) will allow the person receiving the text to simply donate by responding to the message!

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