27 Easy Ways To Save Money While Traveling

Everyone wants to travel. That's no mystery to us. However, many fear taking the leap to plan a big trip due to the preconceived idea of vacations being wildly expensive. For those who don't attempt to make an effort to save, this idea can be very true. But for those who want to save their wallet, there are many easy steps to take to ensure a fantastic trip without breaking the bank.

27 EASY WAYSFor starters, you need to make a budget. Without a clear budget, the little things will start adding up, and before you know it you'll be up to your neck in costs you weren't prepared for. Decide how much you want to spend a day, and stick to that. If you want to splurge in the morning on a fancy breakfast, wait until the next night to do the same for dinner. Spreading out your luxuries can keep things fun and cheap!

Another saver is to get rail passes for whatever city you're in. Don't waste time on taxis or car travel -- hop on the subway and get wherever you need to be for a fraction of the price. Beat solo costs by traveling in larger groups. You'll be amazed at how much you can save with large group discounts, and we all know traveling with many friends is the best way to go.

For the full list of tips, click here. Happy saving!