3 Reasons Fun Spot is the Best Spot in Orlando

When vacationing in Orlando many people go directly to planning a day or two letting loose at Disney World or Universal Studios. While those two locations are plenty of fun, sometimes a break from the hustle and bustle of Florida’s bustling tourism scene is necessary, and so is a break in your pocketbook. That’s why we’re suggesting an Orlando hidden gem attraction (to most), the Fun Spot America Theme Park.

The lights, sounds, and smells of this relaxed theme park are mesmerizing, though often overlooked in the looming entertainment shadow of Disney and Universal. The truth of the matter is that both the Orlando and Kissimmee parks are tons of fun and each offers unique vacation experiences, but Fun Spot America is overall less expensive, less busy, and equally as fun as any other park in the city!


Less Expensive - Fun Spot is an overall considerably cheap destination in Orlando, beating Disneyatorld at daily ticket prices by $60. Not only is the entrance fee cheaper, but the arcade, eateries, and carnival-like games within will run you typically $4 dollars cheaper than attractions within any other park in the city, PLUS admission is free for non-riders! As a matter of fact, the Orlando Sentinel recently named this park “Best Budget Attraction”! For this aspect alone Fun Spot is a better destination to spend the day if you’re looking to save money. This is the perfect way to still spend some quality vacation time in the Sunshine State’s largest city without breaking the bank, and you can even splurge a little more elsewhere on the trip now. So why not, go ahead and buy that extra-large lemonade complete with oversized souvenir Fun Spot cup (free refills all day)! Did we mention the free parking options, as well?


Credit Fun Spot

Less Busy - Orlando’s Disney World sees on average an astounding 53,000 guests per day! That, while to some can be very exciting, to others is a panicked frenzy of crowds and dense city hustle and bustle. If that’s not exactly what you’re looking for on your Orlando vacation Fun Spot is the perfect spot for you, seeing approximately between 750-1500 guests on a normal day. This means that there is more room to really let loose and play, less of a wait in the lines, and more spacious walking, eating, and riding room throughout the park! This means you have more of a chance to see and do it all without worrying about running out of time waiting in any one location too long. You’ll even make it through the line for White Lightning in less than 25 minutes, compared to more popular parks 60 to 90-minute waits. By the way, the park is always open until midnight each night, ensuring the park never feels overcrowded in the evening!

More FUN!! - There is something for everyone here, for the thrill-seeker, arcade zombie, Carnival food connoisseur, and everyone in between! Enjoy any of the many thrill rides, including two new exciting roller coasters, the 250-foot freefall SkyCoaster, the only wooden coaster in Orlando, 4 different multi-level go-kart tracks (some three to four stories tall), 18 other family-friendly rides, or over 100 arcade and carnival games. Check out White Lightning, Orlando's only wooden roller coaster, Rip Curl, Revolver, Bumper Boats, the Screamer, or even the toddler-friendly Scooby Boo attraction. The rides here are amazing, the food is awesome, and there is even an additional 15,000 square foot park called Gator Spot, a land full of various species of alligators that total to 150 onsite and tons of history about natural Old Florida. Enjoy what is oftentimes called ‘a cheap, safe, and super fun year-round Carnival experience.’