6 Tools You Need For Camping

a subtitle hereVagabondish shared their list of the top 6 tools you would be foolish to forget while heading off to the woods, and we've created an infographic your group can save to make sure you never leave home without these necessities.

Perhaps you'll need something sharp for cutting new kindling out of larger sticks -- did you pack that Swiss Army knife? Starting to get sweaty from your uphill hike, but not a shower insight? Better have a few wet wipes stowed away in your back pocket. Think your campsite will provide adequate light, surely one or two light posts nearby? Think again! A torch or fresh-batteried flashlight is a must.

If you're planning on dinner over an open fire, or maybe a s'more or two, don't forget matches and a firestarter! We weren't all Scouts in our younger days, and rubbing two sticks together can be much more daunting than the movies show. And lastly, have you ever noticed it always seems to pour the night you're planning a grand outdoor adventure? A waterproof tarp will prevent your sleeping bag from turning into a raft floating to the top of your tent.