7 Amazing Ideas for Student Cruises

Summer is finally here, which can only mean two things:

1) Students are out of school for a few blissful months
2) The sultry seasonal sun is beating down, making splashing around some waves an ideal option!

We at Adventure Student Travel have several different student cruise options available to help you choose, including different themes, celebrations, and durations. We know that each group's budget and interests are different, and your happiness is of our top priority. We think that your summer should be full of fun, especially when it comes to travel. Here are our top 7 Amazing Ideas for Student Cruises this summer, and if you follow this link you will find much more information on cruises and more details to peruse!

Day/Night Cruises:

  • Steamboat Natchez - Locally owned and operated, this steamboat company is considered to be the last authentic steamboat on the mighty Mississippi and recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. The Natchez was revived in 1975 and is one of only two true steam-powered sternwheelers left in the state, a great mixture of contemporary consistency, safety, and comfort while still maintaining the timeless and classic steamboat features and design. New Orleans Steamboat Company offers a Daytime Jazz cruise daily year-round and does so in the style of an authentic steamboat from the past. This two-hour cruise from the heart of the French Quarter to the New Orleans Port, one of the world’s most active ports, will allow you to explore the decks of the boat as well as the pages of history as you hear the narration of the city, river, and boats past, present, and future.
  • Locks and Erie Canal Cruises -Student groups exploring Niagara Falls and the surrounding area will truly enjoy this fun and informative two-hour Erie Canal cruise attraction, which includes sightseeing, cruising, and "locking through," being raised to the 49-foot elevation of the Niagara Escarpment (the same one that creates Niagara Falls) in the only double set of locks on the hand-dug, 363-mile Erie Canal. Glide beneath lift bridges, marvel at millions of gallons of water cascading over Lockport's famous "Flight of Five" 1840s locks, and pass through the solid walls of the "rock cut" as your cap. Cruises are delightfully tranquil and passengers experience three fabulous seasons of nature at its finest amid the Erie Canal!

    Steamboat Natchez Pixabay Public Domain

Dinner Cruises:

  • Savannah Riverboat - Georgia - This cruise line company will provide your group with a fun-filled evening full of entertainment, great southern food, and an unforgettable tour of Savannah’s historic waterway via riverboat. Enjoy refreshing river breezes, delicious local southern flavors, plenty of cultural entertainment, harbor sightseeing, and magical moonlight as you and your group kick back and relax for a 1.5 to 2.5-hour Savannah Riverboat Cruise. There are several different tours offered by Savannah Riverboat Cruises, including such popular options as Harbor Sightseeing, Dinner Entertainment, Weekend Moonlight, Sunday Brunch, and even Monday Gospel Dinner. You can customize group cruises, educational cruises, or even choose between 16 different seasonal holiday cruises!
  • General Jackson Dinner Cruise - Nashville, Tennessee - This three-hour country inspired dinner cruise lets guests experience Nashville in all of its southern splendor. With an award-winning live country show that ranges from current country-pop hits to classic '90s tracks, guests will be thoroughly entertained as they dine on the southern-style meals. Being one of the largest showboats of its kind, General Jackson houses a two-story Victorian-style theater and features lacy filigree and stately Victorian design. Enjoy the sounds and smells of southern comfort as you float down the Cumberland River and take in the sights of Tennessee.

Weekend Cruises:

  • 3 Night Bahamas Cruise - Hop on board one of Royal Caribbean's most popular ships, the Enchantment of the Seas, to embark on an absolutely magical 3-night journey from Miami, Florida, to the dreamy Bahamas. With this fun cruise opportunity your student group will spend a night along the dazzling coast of Miami, then head into CocoCay Island for a second day and night full of outdoor recreation, beach bliss, and even such things as guided nature hikes or snorkel adventures. On your third and final portion of the adventure you will see the sparkling beaches, colorful history, and vibrant present of the Junkanoo parade festival! Talk about unforgettable! 
Cruise Ships in Nassau Bahamas port

Cruise Ships in Nassau Dollarphotoclub

Extended Journeys:

  • 7 Day West Caribbean from New Orleans -  This is an excellent cruise choice for two reasons: 1.) You get to start your adventure in the vibrant culture-filled city of New Orleans. 2.) You will be traveling to the bluest waters on earth. This is a "best of both worlds" sort of journey, allowing you to stop for beignets and coffee in the French District of New Orleans before heading over to the postcard-perfect scenery of the West Caribbean. See everything from Montego Bay to the Grand Cayman, and enjoy a 7-day scenic vacation while doing so!
  • 7 Day Tracy Arm Fjord Expedition - This option is one of our absolute favorites, an amazingly scenic 7-day journey from the shores of sunny Santa Clarita to the majestic snow-capped mountain peaks and glittering icebergs of Alaska’s coast. Enjoy the unforgettable ride through Tracy Arm Fjord, just south of Juneau, unarguably one of the most beautiful scenes in Alaska. This particular cruise is offered through Princess Cruise Lines, a company which holds the “Best Cruise Line to See Alaska" award in 2015, and for very good reason. Pack your swimsuit, your heavy coat, and of course, your camera, you truly aren’t going to want to miss anything or pass up this once in a lifetime student cruise opportunity!