7 Spots in Nashville the Locals Don’t Want you to Know About

When most people visit Nashville they head to the most iconic attractions; Ryman Auditorium, Country Music Hall of Fame, Wildhorse Saloon, the Grand Ole Opry, and the like.

While we love these attractions and the experiences they give, what we love more are those secret, hidden, glorious little spots that tourists leave mostly untouched, no man's land for out-of-towners. These spots are the ones that locals love the most, being less crowded, less expensive, and more authentic to Music City itself.

So next time you decide to visit Nashville, see all the major sights you want, just be sure to try to squeeze one or two, or all, of these 7 secret spots and see the real deal Nashville.

  1. Love Circle
    High above the Hillsboro neighborhood, about 744 feet high, to be exact, you will find a spot the locals truly love, Love Circle. This romantic spot is known as Music City's 'Lover's Lane', so to speak, a 'trendy and hidden' locale with sweeping views of the city. Bring your sweetheart for this one!

  2. Shelby Park
    In East, Nashville lies one of the most beautiful natural elements in the city, Shelby Park's spring water grotto. This stop is just 3 miles east of downtown and provides a really cool stop on those really hot Nashville days. The large urban park is right along the Cumberland River, as well.

  3. Bobbie's Dairy Dip
    This is one of those sorts of 'hole in the wall' joints, Bobbie's Dairy Dip certainly a favorite of the locals for it's nostalgic dipped cones, thick shakes, and juicy Angus burgers. The place is a nostalgic 1951 era parlor and burger stand with neon accents and alfresco tables, the perfect spot to stop for a treat while visiting Music City.

  4. Batman Building
    Music City may look a bit similar to Gotham City once you catch sight of the massive, familiarly shaped AT&T office. This is the tallest building in Tennessee and has been since 1994, the very top supporting batman like spires poking up from the sides. The 'Batman Building' has been named 'one of the 12 most original office buildings in the world', all 33 floors of it!

  5. Back Alley Diner
    Located along Arcade Alley sits a funky tavern called Back Alley Diner, a delicious hidden gem serving up comfort food, live music, and some of the tastiest pulled pork around! Named as 'one of Nashville's best downtown restaurants and diners', you truly won't want to miss the catfish platters or smoked chicken Phillies here, nor will you want to miss happy hour!

  6. Hermitage Hotel Men's Restroom
    This may seem like an odd choice for a good spot to visit in the city, but the Hermitage Hotel Men's Restroom has actually won 'Restroom of the Year' (Cinta) multiple times, the award-winning facilities much fancier than most. Built in 1910, the art deco-style restroom sports lime green and black glass tiles, terrazzo floors, and even 2 seat shoeshine stations. Just head to the Hermitage Hotel, take a right, and head downstairs to Capital Grille. Oh, and don't worry ladies, this bathroom is for both sexes now!

  7. Tennessee State Prison
     If you have seen the popular films The Green Mile or Walk the Line then you have already seen this place, though seeing it in person is always much more exciting. The old Tennessee State Prison is a castle-like structure along Cockrill Bend that was functional for over 100 years, from 1898 to 1992. While you can't get inside the massive building itself, you can drive around and find a nice photo opp!