8 Ingenious Stocking Stuffers for Travel-Junkies

Stocking Stuffers for Travel Junkies

With Christmas right around the corner it's time for one of two things: panic, or confidence. For those of you with big question marks next to the names left to check off of your shopping lists, we've compiled a guide that is extraordinarily handy for not only the travelers in your circle, but for yourself and anyone else in the 21st century!


1. EasyAcc Power Bank
The Power Bank is synonymous with convenience! This is an external battery pack for re-juicing a smartphone on the go! No more hugging the walls in airports or scrambling through unfamiliar territory to find an outlet! Just the ticket for long trips!


2. Utility Charge Tool
This USB powered gadget is great for group travel because it works for Android and iPhone, iPads and cameras for charging up to three devices at the same time! It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for techies and perfect for the people on your list that already have everything!


3. Stainless Steel Wallet
Protect your loved ones from identity theft with a Radio-Frequency ID transmission repellant wallet! Create a barrier between personal information and tech-savvy thieves for safe passage of passports, credit cards, driver’s licenses and more!


4. North Face E-Tip Gloves
With cell phones now a part of every day life and communication in more ways than one, the E-Tips free you from chilly fingers with a pair of touch screen-compatible, stylish fleece gloves! Get them in six colors and sizes ranging from XS to XL.


5. Lifestraw
A personal water filter that will be heaven sent for adventurous travelers! In the event of a natural disaster or lack of water, this 5-star, 9 inch long and chemical-free invention allows for drinking directly from any body of water without fear of contamination or aftertaste!


6. Quik Pod Handheld Convertible Tripod
Especially awesome for selfies and for the shy person that misses out on photo opportunities because the thought of approaching a stranger to have them snap a candid is less than appealing, this handheld tripod gives you an extension of your arm for easy photography.


7. The Little Book of Earrings
Available in different sizes to hold more or less precious baubles, the earring keeper saves you from tangled masses of hooks and hoops, and saves time when sorting for the perfect pair to show off each day. These are made to suit all varieties of earrings from posts to hook clasps.


8. USB Portable Humidifier
This soothing gift comes in multiple styles and brands meant to fit over a water bottle, but the result is the same for travelers suffering from dry skin, headaches, a cold, itching or chapped lips. To really get cozy, encourage your traveler to add drops of fragrance or essential oils to the water.