A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Orlando

We don't know why, but when we think of Orlando, we think of chocolate.

Maybe it's because Orlando is home to Disney and Universal and other similar places that are iconic spots where anybody can be like a 'kid in a candy store', or maybe it's just all the childhood fun bringing us back to our own.

Either way, we think chocolate, and so does the city itself, providing tourists and locals alike with several different amazing chocolate shops to satisfy your sweet tooth and childhood dreams, all at once.

  • World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe
    Head down Orlando’s famous International Drive and find the amazing World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe, the award-winning chocolate museum offering guided tours, over 20 chocolate sculptures, and it’s very own makeshift rainforest. See how the chocolate is made, grab some samples of truffles or fudge, or take part in any special chocolate related event that may be happening while here.


  • Farris and Foster's Chocolate Factory
    Candy parties, fountain rentals, design your own confections, and so many more fun activities await you here at the best place in Orlando to make ‘sweet’ memories. This spot earned the ‘best food-focused activity’ in 2015 from the local 4th annual Date Night Awards, and provides excellent opportunities for families, school groups, lovers, and teams to have a unique chocolate making experience!


  • Honeydukes
    Harry Potter fans, prepare yourselves, because this next spot is a recreation of Hogsmeade’s very own candy hotspot, Honeydukes. Inside you will find all the best ‘wonderful and wild sweets’ of the legendary wizarding shop, including exploding bonbons, treacle fudge, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, and of course, tons of Chocolate Frogs. If you love both Harry Potter and Chocolate, this is literally paradise!


  • Peterbrooke Chocolatier
    If you are anywhere near Orlando’s Winter Park you are going to want to stop at Peterbrooke, ‘your neighborhood chocolatier’. Inside you will find fresh made daily delicious European chocolates, 18-24 different flavors of authentic Italian gelato, and other classic goodies such as chocolate covered strawberries and creamy cordial cherries. Try to book it for a Chocolate Party, if you can during your visit.


  • Disney’s Candy Cauldron
    Disney is going to bombard you with tons of different (and sometimes highly overpriced)  options for candy stores, chocolate shops, and sweet treat retreats, so keep your eyes on the prize and try to make it over to the iconic exhibition kitchen of the Candy Cauldron. Located on Disney Springs West Side, this is a great spot to get great fudge and great candy apples!


    This place is where the term ‘like a kid in a candy store’ came from, we’re convinced, the entire establishment wildly over the top and vibrantly fun for all ages. Search around the sections such as pool party, giant candy, and novelty gifts and find all the candy of your dreams, with everything from the world’s largest Nerds box and oversized candy bars to candy sushi and gummy party pythons!
    Note: This video shown is of the IT'SUGAR in Grand Cayman, not Orlando, but the products and experience are the same nonetheless.