Alaska Naturally Aurora Show

Alaska Naturally Aurora Show


Aurora Borealis in the winter, Fairbanks, Alaska

The Alaska Naturally Aurora Show, or AurorA, is one of the most unique and comfortable ways to see ‘Alaska’s Great Northern Lights’, even in the middle of the day! This show displays one of the most unique and breathtaking sights of the North, the iconic Northern Lights. This local show is a hugely impressive 40-minute show, a big screen, high-def, relaxingly warm experience in which you will see thousands of photos of the lights streamed together. The creator of this venture, Dave Parkhurst, was one of the very first people to capture the Northern Lights on camera, the man now streaming those photos onto a 28 by 16-foot screen within the Sydney Laurence Center for Performing Arts.

Located in downtown Anchorage, this $70 million complex will allow you one full hour of warmth and comfort as you enjoy what is considered to be a ‘shifting kaleidoscope of colors and grand shapes of the Aurora’. This show takes place all year round from 9 am to 9 pm, ensuring guests can see the Northern Lights no matter what time they visit the area.

The dedication, artfulness, and passion can be seen through the actual show, David’s Icelandic background and thirty years of Alaskan photography experience quite noticeable. Oh, and if you are worried it may be a bit too...scientific for your liking, don’t worry, there are only about 6 minutes total of narration during this amazing experience.