Aldridge Gardens

A stunning and relaxing site full of greenery and educational potential, Aldridge Gardens is a phenomenal destination with 30 acres ripe for exploring. Set outside Birmingham in the lush landscape of Hoover, Alabama, Aldridge Gardens is where nature meets art in a most spectacular way.

Set on the property once owned by noted gardener Eddie Aldridge who discovered the Snowflake Hydrangea, Aldridge Gardens is a veritable wonderland of natural beauty. The gardens are, true to its former owner, full of various hydrangea species, camellias, and other flowers native to Alabama. As the mission of the gardens is to show the public how nature and art can benefit from each other, the gardens is full of wonderful aesthetics. Among the gardens you can find artistic installations such as enviro-sculptures, photography galleries, and the permanent collections of Ken Jackson and Frank Fleming. Aldridge Gardens is also a fantastic spot for bird watching as more than 90 species of native Alabama birds call the property home.

Whether you're an avid gardener or enjoy some time outdoors among the beauty of nature, a trip to Aldridge Gardens is always recommended. Groups are encouraged to take guided tours of the gardens but they encourage participants to wear comfortable shoes as the tour lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Self-guided tours are also available for any visitor and are perfect for those who prefer to wander and discover the beauty of the gardens at their own leisure.