American Victory Ship

amvictoryship tampaWelcome aboard one of only four remaining fully-operational WWII ships in the country, the American Victory Ship! This ship is considered a national treasure and true American icon, and it aims to honor the men and women who built, sailed, protected, and provided worldwide service to the American Merchant Fleet since 1775, during times of both peace and of war. Get ready for an unforgettable voyage of discovery as you sail the Channel District and "anchor your place in American maritime history." Your group will learn many facts about this ship, WWII, and the impact of ships such as these on local, regional, and national economies.

During a cruise your group will get a tour of virtually the entire 455 by 109 foot cargo vessel, including nine full decks of exciting history! Take a tour of the cavernous three level cargo holds, the radio and gyro rooms, the steering stations, wheelhouse, and flying bridge. You will also see the historic hospital, galley, weaponry room, mess halls, crew cabins, life boats, captain's quarters, and equipment and engine rooms. This tour includes rare artifacts, exciting exhibits, uniforms, medals, documents, and photographs. See how this cruise serves the community by interpreting all this maritime culture, folkways, and legacy of industry as you explore all you can while still enjoying the sights and facts on the observation deck! If you’re lucky enough you may be visiting the American Victory Ship during one of its twice annual Relive History Cruises, full of music, entertainment, and historical information and traditions galore!