Anchorage Half-Day Hike

Anchorage Half-Day Hike


Family on guided nature walk on the Rodak Nature Trail, Eagle River Nature Center outside of Anchorage, Alaska. Sandra Skaggs, naturalist guide. Michelle Salcher (white tshirt), Patricia Salcher (mom dark hair), Gail Salcher (green warmup pants), Gerald Salcher (dad). Evelyn Ludford (blond)family friend.

 (May 28 - Sept 18)

Go take a hike, literally, with a local professional hiking company by the name of Ascending Path on your next visit to Anchorage. This company, around this area since 1995, allows visitors to spend 4 hours hiking the gorgeous Chugach Mountains with a professional naturalist guide, showing you all the local scenery, geography, and wildlife along the way. Explore the unique coastal alpine mountains, ‘one of the most accessible wilderness areas to Anchorage with the best Alaskan wildlife viewing’. You will learn about geology, animal tracks, life zones of habitat, and get to see so many beautifully iconic Alaskan sights. You will get to see the Alaskan Range, Mount McKinley, Cook Inlet, Turnagain Arm, and several different glacial volcanoes during your hike!

When preparing for this hike keep two key things in mind: 1). The hike cost $99 per person (well worth it, trust us), and 2). You need to wear comfortable clothes, layers, and boots. Bringing a camera and/or binoculars and plenty of water is recommended as well. During your experience, you will be led by the informative guides, have complimentary trekking poles, and trained bear protection. Nibble leaves, flowers, and berries learn local herb lore, try to mimic a bird song, and hear stories about the native peoples who once called this land home. As far as wildlife viewing goes, expect a good chance of seeing moose, bear, Dall sheep, marmot, arctic ground squirrels, red fox, wolverine, and countless different bird species along the way!