Arizona State Museum

Southwestern U.S culture, Northern Mexican heritage, and amazing historical artifacts from the area all await you at the Arizona State Museum, our top choice for educational destinations in Tucson. This museum was first established in 1893, originally used as a repository for a cultural collection as well as for protection of said archaeological resources. Today the Arizona State Museum ‘stores artifacts, exhibits them, and then educates about them’, then the entire museum and it contents usually taking guests on average of two hours to explore. This building, as you will notice, is located right along University Boulevard, located just steps from the University of Arizona Gate. The close proximity to the University allows for your groups to do many other things while in the area, before or after your museum visit, such as eating on campus, visiting the Flandrau Planetarium, visiting the Mineral Museum, or even the Art or Photography galleries!

Here in this museum, though, what you will find will all have to do with Southwestern art, artifacts, and culture. In this sense, this museum is considered to be the ‘preeminent institution engaged in the anthropology and history of the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico.’ You will have the chance to take a docent-led tour, see ongoing and past research, and even get hands-on teaching tools and materials if you are with a student group. Set up a special field trip visit or just pop in and see one of the most respected exhibits in the whole city, the Pottery Project Exhibit. This collection of vessels totals up at about 24,000, give or take a few, being the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of southwestern Indian Pottery. You should also take some time to go see the award-winning Paths of Life exhibit, explaining the origins and historical lives of 10 native cultures from this area. Hit the museum store on your way out to pick up any authentic tribal gear or educational tools!