Arkansas Civil Rights Heritage Trail

Your next stop will bring together nicely the entire educational trip around Little Rock, the Arkansas Civil Rights Heritage Trail. This historic trail and walking path stretches from the Old State House to the Statehouse Convention Center along Markham Street. The trail was created in 2011 to acknowledge the sacrifices and achievements made by those who have fought for justice within the state. The trail also serves to raise awareness for Arkansas citizens and tourists alike about the rich and important Civil Rights legacy in Little Rock that historians often overlook.

little-rock-766194_1280 (1)A walk on this several block long trail will show your group several sidewalk markers that represent and immortalize important civil rights activists. there are about 10-12 names added annually, the first names including the Little Rock Nine and Daisy Bates. The next year featured the freedom riders that participated here in Arkansas as well as others who participated in sit in activism. Finally we have inductees that have just in general helped with desegregation in the past 50 years, such as attorneys, teachers, and political influences such as Bill Clinton. There is a new annual voting every fall season to add more important activist to the trail, making this one fun, exciting, and educational historic stop in Little Rock!