Arkansas River Trail

This expansive 88-mile loop through the Natural State of Arkansas is known as the Arkansas River Trail, and it serves as a well-loved tribute to outdoor recreation, conservation, wellness, and the diverse geographies of the central state. The trail covers Little Rock, North Little Rock, Maumelle, and Conway, crossing the entire metropolitan area in Little Rock and connecting 38 parks, 6 museums, and over 5,000 acres of federal, state, and local parkland. Probably the most widely traversed area within this trail is the loop from the Clinton Presidential Bridge to the Big Dam Bridge and back again, spanning over 15.6 miles!

This award winning community effort sees thousands of hikers, cyclists, skaters, joggers, pelican-91141_1280and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts yearly, all here for the gorgeous views and wonderful fitness opportunities. This expansive, primarily flat terrain allows locals and tourists of all fitness levels and age to participate in the hiking or biking very easily, and the scenery around here is truly incredible! Take part in the ever popular Arkansas River Trail birdwatching, this area featuring over 200 species of both land and water birds. Keep your eyes open for the Bufflehead Ducks, Bonaparte Gulls, White Pelicans, and Bald Eagles towards the river (especially in the winter), or the Orioles, Chickadees, Woodpeckers, and American Robins that frequent the surrounding forests and fields. Whatever your group decides to do here, from serious exercise or casual scenery strolling to historic information gathering, your going to enjoy immensely the time you have here at the River Trail!