ArtCar Museum

ArtCar Museum

Welcome to the ArtCar Museum, one of Houston's most unique contemporary art facilities!

This free, private museum is often times referred to as 'Garage Mahal', a testament to how awe-inspiring the collection is for art and/or auto enthusiasts (though it really is fascinating to see even if you aren't either of these things).

The museum opened in 1998, though the idea came much earlier, in 1984. During that year Houston hosted a Collision Show in which the famous 'Mad Can Art Car' made its debut appearance, providing 'fuel for the future car art movement.' Since then there has been a surprising interest and involvement level in this art form, a truly unique cultural facet that many people may not recognize at art at first.

These artists believe that the automobile shows fundamental changes in our consciousness, an indication of independence we crave, and always have craved. Modern tradition, personal expression, and popular culture have made this art possible. Prepare to see vibrant art cars, the lowest of low riders, and other interesting mobile contraptions, as well as various rotating art displays in all mediums.

The museum’s goal is to encourage the public’s awareness of the cultural, political, economic and personal dimensions of art.

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