Asian Art Museum

Asian Art Museum

Welcome to the Seattle Asian Art Museum, or SAAM for short.

Located within a spectacular 1933 art deco building in Volunteer Park, in what was actually the Seattle Art Museum's original home, you will find a newly revamped museum space. This museum is considered to be 'one of the most beloved treasures in our [Seattle's] creative, cultured, and curious city'. The new renovations have made extra display space for South Asia and India, fixed infrastructural issues, updated the original heating system, and made the museum ADA accessible.

What you will find inside is an extensive Asian art collection, one that is actually considered to be 'among the top ten collections of Japanese art in the United States'. Chinese and Japanese art are the largest areas of collection, though there is art from the Himalayas, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Korea.

From grand, ancient Buddha sculptures to our iconic early 17th-century Japanese Crows screens to contemporary work such as Colored Vases by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, our collection has been imaginatively curated and expanded for 80 years. - SAAM

Be sure to check out the Asian Art Museum Libraries and Gardner Center collections before you go!