1-Day Birmingham Educational Tour

Day 1 You'll See: 

We have jam-packed this day in Birmingham with a selection of the area's most educational and entertaining attractions, including the Birmingham Zoo and Birmingham Museum of Art. 


Birmingham Zoo

Within the boundaries of this popular animal home, you will see such exhibits as the Alligator Swamp, Giraffe Feeding Station, and Savannah Safari. Explore the members of the ‘Feathered Friends’ club, a section of the zoo with over 300 different types of birds. There are exhibits with monkeys, with lions, and even with Komodo Dragons! Walking around the zoo you can meet some of the most notable animals here, such as Babec the Western Lowland Gorilla or Akili the Lion. Groups of 15 or more will receive group discounts, tour opportunities, and access to the Discovery Programs. There will be several daily Children’s Zoo lectures or specials, daily carousel rides, train rides, and even sea lion training demonstrations.

Jones Valley Teaching Farm

Welcome to the Jones Valley Teaching Farm, the extraordinary student learning experience that allows groups to get hands-on lessons in growing, harvesting, cooking, and selling produce on a local farm in Birmingham, Alabama. This program 'encourages academic exploration and achievement through food, farming, and the culinary arts.' The Jones Valley Teaching Farm prides itself on 'delivering food-based education in Birmingham, Alabama', and does so quite well through its primary program, Good Food School. This program is a hands-on, food-based education model that serves over 4,500 K-12 students per year, teaching them culinary arts through standards-based, cross-curricular lessons.

Birmingham Museum of Art

This popular local establishment holds what is considered to be one of the absolute finest collections of art in the southeast, with over 24,000 objects inside that highlight some of the richest cultures and most beautiful art in the world. With a visit to this museum, you can explore Asian, European, American, African, Pre-Columbian, and even Native American history and culture, with various artifacts and art representing each culture within the museum walls. This entire museum gives frequent student tours, a great way to let students be more analytic and creative, not to mention the additional teacher resources and Alabama core standards provided with tours and visits such as these. Younger children will also enjoy great discovery opportunities here, Bart the Art Bat museum mascot helping them explore, create, and share the whole way through.

McWane Science Center 

Inside this museum, you will find 4 different floors of science glory, from the Shark and Ray Touch Tank on the lower level to the art and technology on the 4th. See the various aquariums, Sea Monster exhibit, Nature Scope, or even the Bubble Room, or perhaps opt-in to be an Aquarist for the Day. The 280 seat John W Woods IMAX Dome will provide your group with 79 feet of big-screen bliss, with changing special features such as the current National Parks Adventure or Wild Africa. Smaller children will love the new itty bitty Magic City section, designed to explore physical, exploratory, constructive, and imaginative play in children. Other Groups may like the Teens Tech, overnight stays, camps, or special events more.