1-Day Boston Trip

Day 1 You'll See:

Does your group want to explore the best attractions and experiences of Boston but only has one day to do so? No worries, we've got you covered with this quick, fun, and highly memorable 1-Day Boston Trip. You will get to follow the iconic Freedom Trail, ride the classic Boston Swan Boats, learn more about the Boston Tea Party, and explore the historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace!


Freedom Trail

With so much history, Boston's Freedom Trail is the place to start. Leading you over two and a half miles and 16 historic landmarks, the Freedom Trail escorts you through the most historically significant sites in the nation. On this trek, you will learn about the brave people who shaped the nation while also discovering the rich Revolutionary history. As the foundation likes to say, "every step tells a story" on the Freedom Trail! Although the Freedom Trail Foundation offers tours, for a price, the actual trail itself is free. You can follow the red brick line and see all 16 historic sites along the trail. Start at the Boston Common and see attractions like the Granary Burying Ground, the Massachusetts State House, and King's Chapel. Each stop has its own historical plaque of information but if you desire more history, guide books, brochures, and audio tours are available for purchase and/or download.

Swan Boats Boston

While visiting Boston your group needs to make a stop at a local cultural icon, the Swan Boats! This family-owned business has been in operation since 1877, started by Robert Paget. The company owns a fleet of pontoon pleasure boats that operate within a lagoon in Boston's Public Garden, a relaxing ride through a picturesque oasis. The rides last about 12-15 minutes and allow you to simply enjoy the sites, perhaps catching a glimpse of the pond's resident swans, Romeo and Juliet. The boats each hold 12 pontoons, 30 feet long and 800 pounds each. The boats are pedal operated and hold about 25 passengers each on their benches. The tours operate the 2nd weekend of April through the 3rd weekend in September.

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

This multi-sensory, fully interactive museum strives to reconnect modern-day visitors to the history and significant days leading up to the Revolution. After the museum, stop by the Meeting House and get fired up alongside colonial actors recreating the historical events before you go out to Griffin's Wharf and dump tea alongside patriots. The Wharf is where you'll find two fully restored tea ships, the Eleanor and the Beaver, once owned by the British East India Trading Company. Ride aboard the ships and travel even further into the past, experiencing Boston like never before. Finish out the experience at the Griffin's Wharf theater to see amazing, mind-blowing 3D holographic video projections or see the award-winning film "Let it Begin Here" at the Minuteman Theatre.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Originally built in the early 18th century, Faneuil Hall enters history as a marketplace and meeting hall where famous individuals like Samuel Adams, James Otis, and others gave iconic speeches.The Marketplace proper is actually composed of the Hall and three other buildings: the North and South Market buildings and Quincy Market, all making up the indoor/outdoor mall of stores and restaurants. Find favorite stores like Ann Taylor, Coach, LeSportsac, Victoria’s Secret, and Nine West among others plus new and exciting boutiques unique to Boston. Tour or stay for a while at the recreated Cheers pub and grab a souvenir from their gift shop to commemorate your visit, watch the entertaining and talented street performers that light up the street, explore the many art galleries, and more.

Quincy Market Boston

This market, a part of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, was first opened to the public in 1826, named for the then-mayor of Boston, Josiah Quincy. The market's role has changed quite a bit over the years, going from fresh produce retail market to wholesale market, and now to 'festival marketplace.' Quincy Market is a great place to hang out and enjoy delicious foods, with over 18 restaurants and 35 colonnade eateries within the area. Try the city's most iconic foods while here, such as clam chowder, Bostonian baked beans, Boston cream pie, lobster rolls, and basically any other fresh seafood.