1-Day Sacramento Trip

Day 1 You'll See:

This one day Sacramento adventure will show your group the unique and intriguing history the area has to offer!


California State Capitol Museum

Explore past governor furnishings and artifacts as well as current offices and legislative chambers during your tour, and even get information on the onsite artwork and architecture. The outdoor park tour will show you the 40-acre space, the spot holding the popular World Peace Rose Garden, as well as various memorial and monuments scattered throughout. Tours leave every hour on the hour and meet in the lower level B-27 room. After your tour and onsite exploration be sure to head downstairs to the theater, a great place to catch an interpretive flick over California’s statehood. There is also a gift shop to browse for educational trinkets before you go.

California State Railroad Museum

Steam-powered passenger train service on the Sacramento Southern Railroad rolled into town in 1894, and the Central Pacific Railroad Freight Depot opened just three years later. The Museum, today, features 21 meticulously restored locomotives and cars, some from 1862. A wonderful collection of fascinating permanent exhibits featuring an ever-changing layout of photographs, artifacts, and ephemera assist in illustrating how the influence of the railroads changed American Society forever. A spectacular "Sierra Scene" exhibit recreates a large-scale construction site high in the Sierra Nevada representing Donner Pass, circa 1867.

Sutter's Fort

John Sutter created this spot as 19th-century agriculture and trade colony, a spot he called New Helvetia (New Switzerland), in 1839. This popular local trade spot became a haven for immigrants, though unfortunately it was overrun by gold seekers less than a decade after establishment. Out of all that Sutter is known for, from his agricultural empire to his Donner Party rescue part, even being a diplomat of the Mexican Government, the fort is the only thing that remains of his properties and empire. Enjoy costumed guides, various programs and exhibits, and even some hands-on learning programs during your visit here, the fort depicting pioneer life perfectly.

Sacramento History Museum

Inside this museum, you will find several different exhibits exploring local heritage and art, the gold rush, the city's history in general. The various galleries delve into the stories of the area's first inhabitants, the pioneers who first settled here during the gold rush, and life on the farm. Interactive exhibits 'bring to life the people and events of Sacramento and its unique place in the history of the state and nation'. Field Trip groups will be able to participate in Sacramento History Programs, Gold Rush Programs, and tours such as Underground and Gold Fever!. Gold Fever! is a walking tour through Old Sacramento with a game to play along the way, perfect for student groups. There are general guided tours for 8-35 guests per group and they last about an hour each.