Sutter’s Fort

Sutter's Fort

The oldest restored fort in the United States, Sutter’s Fort, is an excellent stop to make for in-depth local history, cultural insights to the area, and hands-on learning experiences. This Midtown Sacramento gem is within the larger Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park, the entire area a testament to John Sutter’s contributions to the area as well as the California Gold Rush boom in general.

John Sutter created this spot as 19th-century agriculture and trade colony, a spot he called New Helvetia (New Switzerland), in 1839. This popular local trade spot became a haven for immigrants, though unfortunately it was overrun by gold seekers less than a decade after establishment. Out of all that Sutter is known for, from his agricultural empire to his Donner Party rescue part, even being a diplomat of the Mexican Government, the fort is the only thing that remains of his properties and empire.

Enjoy costumed guides, various programs and exhibits, and even some hands-on learning programs during your visit here, the fort depicting pioneer life perfectly. This is always a popular spot for a history-themed field trip, with programs such as the Environmental Living Program, a 24 hour overnight experience, Trapper’s Camp, Scouts at the Fort, and Kids Teach Kids. The field trip options are designed for 3rd - 12th graders.